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Shopify is considered one of the top eCommerce platforms because of its versatility. Not only does it give you a platform where you can sell products and services. It also gives you plenty of room for customizations. In this article, you’ll discover ten tools that can help you make the most out of your Shopify website in terms of referral marketing. Referral marketing is an amazing way to promote your business, for it leverages your customers to get more traffic and sales

OSI Affiliate Software

One of the best ways to launch a referral program on your website is to use the software. It helps you to launch your program in a few clicks. But if you choose to use software to help you, you should choose the best in the market. One of the most downloaded apps for referral marketing is OSI Affiliate. It has been around for years and has features such as social integration and content management. It is designed to help you launch a successful referral program for your business.

Oracle CRM On Demand

If you want to code your referral program, you also have that option. You can use the cloud infrastructure to ensure that you can easily access your database anywhere. While this option may not seem ideal, having your platform gives you more freedom to customize your referral program. 

Race Entry

If you are selling products in the health niche, you may want to launch a race to promote your business. You may have seen big brands do this strategy where they throw a race with their brand. It is a great way to get people talking about your business while giving them a reason for doing it. Creating a race is easy if you use a platform such as Race Entry. From here, you can integrate this into your website to inform your customers about the existence of your race. 

SimplyCast 360

Simply Cast is an all-in-one tool. You’ll love it for it has a variety of features that can help you get more engagements and sales to your business. From landing pages, social media promotions, and podcasts, Simply Cast has you covered. Aside from these, the tool also has an automation system that automates your marketing and allows your business to respond to emergencies – a must in today’s businesses. It may be best to explore this tool’s functionalities to see how it can help you in your industry just like what Drum Set Lab did. is an amazing tool for translating your marketing plan visually. With it, you can create diagrams with website images and give you an idea of how you will promote your business. It is a great tool to supplement your referral software, for you will be able to plan how you will promote your business before you promote it. If you plan to do referral marketing for other companies, this tool can come in handy as well. It has a funnel planning tool and marketing icons to demonstrate your plan to your ideal clients easily. Hunting Bow Lab has used this tool for their marketing plans.


Did you know that your best referrers are your existing customers? The best way to reach them is to establish a system that allows you to do that. Salesquared is a tool that can help you to do this. Besides enabling you to communicate with your audience, you can also sign them up easily to your referral program. You have to try it to see how it can drive more traffic and sales to your business. On the surface, it may seem like a typical CRM program. But if you know how to maximize it to get more referrals to your business, you will leverage your existing customers to get more sales. 


If you are looking for a tool that can maximize your eCommerce sales, you may want to look into Thought Metric. This is an attribution tool designed for eCommerce so you can track your products’ performances on your eCommerce website. The best part is that you can integrate it easily. No coding required. And when you do that, you will be able to track the ROI of your products and lower your ad spend. 


One of the best ways to promote your business is through email and social media. Social media is the bait, while email is the nurturer. Social media is a great way to reach a wider audience. But it can also be a great way to enhance your brand. From there, you can nurture your audience by sending them some emails. It bridges the gap between the lack of engagement on social media by sending them encouraging emails. For you to do this strategy, you will need a tool. One of these tools is Kirim Email. It is a nifty tool that integrates social media marketing with email marketing with ease. 


You live in a generation of social media where everything can be seen posted online. Because of this situation, more of your ideal customers are more interested in visual cues. Whether you are promoting your referral program or just promoting your products and services, you can use PixTeller to create your images. It has built-in templates that you can use to design your pictures even if you are not that familiar with web design or Photoshop. 


One of the greatest things about online marketing is you can track your website visitors and your customers’ data. Having enough data is a great way for you to boost your ROI for you to know your market’s characteristics. With this knowledge, you will alter your referral and other marketing campaigns to increase conversions. Sales Rocks is a tool that can help you make the most out of your customer data. It allows you to have a system to make the most out of this data for better conversions.  

That ends the list of Shopify Referral Apps. You can use one or use these in tandem. It is all about maximizing the success of your referral program. 

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