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zimbra to office 365 migration

And how to perform a Zimbra to Office 365 Migration

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based set of software that replaces the old Office 365. In many ways, the new service is similar to the old one, but the features it can offer now are much more inclusive than the mere Office package we’re used to. In particular, cloud storage services and advanced security features have been integrated, plus email and calendaring.

Speaking of email, many users who are interested in Microsoft 365 are reluctant to switch to the platform because they don’t exactly know how to migrate all their data – especially email – to it. In this article, other than providing a detailed Microsoft 365 review – features, prices, benefits, and more – we also want to help users who need to perform a Zimbra to Office 365 Migration so that the passage to the new platform is smooth and easy. Keep on reading to find out anything you need to know about Microsoft 365.

What do you get with Microsoft 365?

As we’ve mentioned, Microsoft 365 is still similar to Office 365, a subscription plan that includes access to Office applications such as Word Online, Outlook, OneDrive cloud storage, and more. With Microsoft 365 you still have access to those software but important additional services have been implemented. So, what do you get with Microsoft 365?

●        The Office Package: Word, Excel PowerPoint, OneNote, Access, and Publisher. For each software, except Access and Publisher, you also unlock the full versions of the corresponding mobile apps (both Android and iOS). Access and Publisher are instead only available on PC.

●        Teams and Outlook: these couple of applications can provide an inclusive real-time workspace with anything you need. Emails, instant messaging, collaboration and sharing tools, and more. Migrating from your old collaboration and communication software is less complicated than it seems: if you’re trying to perform a Zimbra to Office 365 Migration, see below for an easy guide!

●        OneDrive: a cloud storage service and more. The main advantage here is that you can access your Microsoft 365 applications and software from any device, even one that’s not yours.

●        Sets: with Microsoft 365 you can now group different applications in one window and name it with a tab. A set can also include browser pages so that you can keep all you need for a specific project in one place.

●        Your Phone: it allows you to display notifications from your phone on your PC.

●        Microsoft Graph: it utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve services – such as grammar checkers – analyzing your data, activities, and other types of input.

●        Security features: security has been widely improved since Office 365. With Microsoft 365 you have Windows Defender Guard, App protection, Advanced Threat protection, and more.

How does Microsoft 365 work?

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based service which means that you don’t need to download huge files, software, and data on your computer to use the software and tools. If you want to migrate to Microsoft 365, the first thing you want to do is opening a Microsoft account and then subscribe to one of the offered services – mainly Personal and Business.

The two services have different costs and features but their name perfectly suggests their target users. So, if you’re only going to use Microsoft 365 for personal purposes, Microsoft 365 Personal subscription will be more than enough for your needs. If you’re running a business and you’re searching for an all-inclusive platform to manage and develop your activities, you may want to opt for the Business solution.

Being a cloud-based software, you are going to use all the Microsoft 365 from your browser. However, both the subscriptions include downloadable software so that you can run them when you’re offline too.

How much does Microsoft 365 cost?

Personal Plan

The Personal Plan subscription costs $6.99/month but you can save some money if you opt for a yearly fee of $69.99. With this plan, however, only one user can utilize the apps. If you need to purchase the service for several users – for example, your kids or other members of your family – we recommend opting for the Microsoft 365 Family plan that gives access to up to 6 users to all the Microsoft apps and services. It costs $9.99/month or $99.99/year.

Business Plan

With the Business Plans you can have access, other than to all the Office 365 apps, to Teams, Exchange, and Sharepoint services, tools that can create an easy collaboration between your team members.

The cheapest package is the Basic: $5/month billed annually, but this only includes online apps. Business standard adds the desktop versions of the apps and costs $20.00/month per user, billed annually. There are also more advanced plans for even higher prices, but they are only suitable for big enterprises.

Zimbra to Office 365 Migration

Zimbra is a desktop-based email client that many users are utilizing to manage their emails and contacts. More and more of them, however, are starting to migrate to Office 365 since it is becoming more efficient and user-friendly. Furthermore, with Office 365 you can access your emails, and all your files, from your mobile devices whether they run Android or iOS (while Zimbra only has an iOS app available). The process to perform a Zimbra to Office 365 Migration is less complicated than it seems. We recommend using the Turgs utility as your Zimbra to Office 365 Migration tool and following the simple steps:

1.  Export your TGZ file from your Zimbra

2.  Run the Turgs Zimbra to Office 365 Migration utility

3.  Select Zimbra TGZ

4.  In the File Saving List, choose the Office 365 option

5.  Enter your Office 365 account details

6.  Click the Convert button.

The Zimbra to Office 365 Migration process is now complete.

Microsoft 365: main benefits

1.  A cloud-based set of software that does not load or slow down your computer;

2.  No software installation needed;

3.  Microsoft apps and Office package has been the absolute best office set of tools in the market for decades;

4.  It provides perfectly integrated communication and collaboration tools to create the most efficient virtual workspace with your team;

5.  Migration from other systems – such as Zimbra to Office 365 Migration – is made easy thanks to simple utilities that let you complete the process in a matter of a few minutes.

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