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There was a time in the 90s when people only have emails as a medium of marketing. Then text messages came into the game that works through 2G technology. Finally, in the 21st century, we have many ways to market our brand to a global audience. All thanks to the consistently improving technologies and easy access to the internet.

One of the most popular ways of marketing is social media, and it has become the top priority of brands because it is the fastest growing platform having billions of users worldwide. It plays a vital role in improving business performance employing user data insights like what types of things they like, what they prefer, what opinion they have over a particular topic, etc. 

The reason behind this is social media allows one on one interaction with the users. Either you are a big brand or a growing startup, you can get directly in touch with all your users. Using ads, businesses can reach their potential clients regarding sales, brand awareness or any other goal.

Apart from that, it can influence the decision making power of the buyer. 

Feeling difficult to digest this fact!!!

I am not kidding; it’s a truth, proven in research that concluded 71% of the times, social media influences the buyer’s decision. Not just this, it’s found that 54% of people search for their product before buying it. People search for a genuine review of the product or services they plan to purchase. 

We can easily understand how tremendous impact social media have on the user. So it is essential to have an eye on what is going on the social media channels that help you grow. 

So, we are here with the top social media trends of 2021 that will boom your social media marketing this year.

Live Streaming  

In the covid phase of 2020, the number of live streams in social media has increased significantly. Brands and influencers conduct virtual events to educate and entertain their audiences. Live stream helps in gaining your follower’s trust. More and more people, brands, and individuals choose live streams for virtual events and for interactions with their followers.

The live stream will remain popular this year. If you are planning to go live, then this is the time, don’t delay it further. I am sure it will help you get your follower’s engagement and know more about your audience’s preferences. 

Video Content 

You know, a person’s average span time has been dropped to only 8 seconds. It is difficult to hold any user over your text post as compared to short videos. Video content is best to gain user attention using creative ideas and storytelling skills.

And there is no doubt about the popularity of videos. People love to watch videos, and that’s why people prefer watching youtube over any other search engine websites by four times. Videos are easy to understand, and its retention is higher than any other type of content.

So don’t forget to add video format into your content marketing strategies for this year.

Influencer’s marketing 

Started in 2014, influencer marketing is getting popular year by year. It provides the opportunity to content creator to earn and collab with big brands and businesses.

Influencer marketing is an effective marketing tactic that delivers a higher conversion rate. It also gives 11 times higher ROI according to the report of 2020. Instead of targeting thousands of followers, influencers target particular audiences that have big chances of conversion.

Hence get the research done and find a suitable influencer for your brand. 

Meme marketing

Probably, you may get a laugh after reading this, but it is not a joke. Memes are just not memes. It has become an effective tactic of viral marketing, which works best for spreading awareness. 

It is the fastest way to bring attention to a specific topic using a funny version of it. There are many examples of meme marketing that helps in gaining popularity over the night.

Ephemeral content

This is the content that remains on your social media walls for a specific time. An example of Ephemeral content is stories. Stories become a serious part of social media marketing. Almost all the major social media platforms now have the feature of stories. Top social media platform famous for story feature are Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and Snapchat, etc.

Almost one billion people use this feature daily. This causes 15% to 25% of users to swipe up for the links shared on Instagram. It shows using an attractive CTA in your stories can enhance your marketing campaigns to a great extent. 

Social Commerce

Social commerce means selling your products on social media. This option is going to boost this year. More and more sellers and business owners are coming online for businesses. For them, it would be a better option to start with.

On Facebook, anyone can set their online store using features like the marketplace. It will shorten the customer journey and also help in getting quick feedback from them.

Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

Day by day, new features are rolling out. The AI is getting smarter that coordinates with the user more accurately. In Covid times, we all have to follow social distancing but using VR, you can get the same experience as reality.

Along with that, AR is getting popular. Confused about AR? 

The filter we use in stories, especially in Snapchat, is an example of AR. These attractive filters help to get more user engagement by providing new experiences to them.

Local targeting

Last but not least, local targeting will be very popular in the upcoming year. Local businesses are using social media to leverage their sales.

Hence, local targeting going to be a trend for social media. It will help to target user based on geographical location, especially for physical product and services. So local targeting will be very useful for retailers as well as local vendors.


Apart from these, we know that Social media has become a place where people believe in strangers than any advertisement. It means social media is getting popular for user-generated content. It will be great if your customer creates content for you. It will impact other users more genuinely.

Hence, these will be the trends of social media this year. It is clear that social media has become an integral part of our life now. What people see and consume as data has an impact on them. It is up to you to use these platforms for business growth by providing value to the customers. 

Keep focusing on these trends and create a meaningful presence in your social media handle.

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