How to Sell on Instagram


Instagram happens to be one of the most popular social platforms. An app with massive growth, especially in the last few years. It started with people sharing snippets of their beautiful faces. Parks. Mountains. Sea, or cafes and later became a platform for shopping. Yes, you read that right, shopping. 

A billion users on Instagram refresh their feed multiple times a day. They check on their favorite celebrities. For example, artists, influencers, and friends. Meanwhile, they also eye the latest trends in fashion. In other words, it means that you have a massive audience. People whom you can sell your products and services to get your brand seen.

How to sell on Instagram is now a marketing technique where agencies focus on advertising and selling their products via this pictorial platform. However, there is a catch here. With an overwhelming number of users on the app, your product can find it hard to stand out. But you need not worry because this article will help you learn how to sell on Instagram Platform. And also show ways to reach the maximum number of eyes.

Choose your calling

Choosing your calling or niche has to be the most essential characteristic of selling on Instagram. What is a niche? In other words, a niche is a particular group indicating your choice of work. Whether it’s travel, beauty, pets, family, clothing, or shoes, you need to decide your preferred area where your product fits the best. Moreover, you get to know your target audience, their needs, and wants, and work towards making your product meet their demands.

Getting a Business Account

Getting a business account is an obvious step. You cannot earn even a single dime if you do not turn your account into a business one. Business accounts are free. They give insights into your products’ presence online. If you want to sell on Instagram, build a business profile. Period. Get yourself easy access to exclusive content, for example, sponsored posts, ads, and many other features.

Posting Consistently 

As they say, consistency is the key to success. The equation easily applies to your Instagram posts too. If you want your product to stand out, you must ensure sharing quality content and pictures. However, constant sharing of product details can bore your followers. They might stop following you, let alone buying your products. 

So, sharing both engaging and creative posts should be your priority. It will help build a rapport with your consumers to gain their trust. Value and consistency should be your best strategy to attract consumers and increase retail sales.

Getting Used to Using Stories

Instagram stories will get you more public traction than a single post. We all know that people focus more on watching stories than reading a full-page post. Make full use of your Instagram stories by sharing your product details. Segment products’ BTS. Add links. 

These steps will directly take the users to your Insta shop or the product page. Whatever you decide, please don’t overdo it. You can also save your stories as highlights so that anyone can view them whenever they want, regardless of the time and limitations to them.

Setting up an Insta Shop

After choosing your niche and getting a business account, the next step is to set up an Insta Shop. Insta shopping is another name for online shopping. People can explore. Browse. Also, shop for products without any hassle. Your audience can see the product and its price. Such an easy way for your product to reach out to millions of people. Do you know the best part of an Insta Shop? Well, it simplifies the whole shopping experience.

Boosting Products by Promoting

Promoting your products is easy on Instagram. By using the “promoting” feature, you can increase your visibility. Boosting also attracts more target markets. Use it, especially for posts with a lot of ‘likes.’ They bring engagement and views.

Shoppable Products or Hashtags

Hashtags or shoppable products can get more views easily. The key is to use them effectively. Tags will get you the right audience. Create brand awareness. And make your presence recognizable. Shoppable products advertise your products to a wider audience. It compels them to buy. You only have to explore your competitors. Check their tags and get on the bandwagon.

Partnering up with Influencers

Influencer marketing as we call it is the next big thing. It has already upped the marketing scene. Influencers are not actors but general masses who use your product and let the world know how good or bad it is. Influencers can advertise your product to 1000s of their followers. The ones who would have never known otherwise had they not shown your product to them. Choose the right influencer, one who can influence and get people to buy your product instantly.

Posting Reels 

Admit that you love watching videos. Reels or short videos truly matter in marketing today. Instagram and other apps are pushing for more reels because they give more exposure to a larger audience. Your product can be a solution to the problems that your target audience is facing. And through reels, you can address those problems. 

Secondly, your consumers’ attention span is short. With so much to consume on social media daily, they will rather watch short reels than read a long post. Lastly, Instagram is not just a photo-sharing app now. Instagram’s main focus is now stories and reels. In addition, Instagram might become a video-sharing app in the future. And so, the trick is to post reels constantly.


We hope these tips will help you sell your product effectively. With the world changing its direction every day, we are sure Instagram will be one of the most widely used social apps to sell products online.

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